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Guide to Water Fasting for Weight Loss

Water fasting will cleanse your body and help you lose weight. It may be one of
the most difficult but proven methods of weight loss. Before taking on a water fast, you should do your research and read up on what others have experienced. It's gaining tremendous popularity these days, not only for weight loss, but also for gaining a deeper spirituality.
Water fasting for weight loss has become popular, because people are learning about the importance of cleansing to gain health, as well as using a raw food or raw juice diet. Water fasting is of greater benefit, because you can do on a water fast in 2 weeks, what you would do on a green juice fast in 3 months. Water fasting is the almighty for quicker results towards a healthy body. And, this means weight loss.
Important insights and tips for water fasting.
- Water fasting is a period when you stay away from all food, only drinking water. During the absence of food the body systematically cleanses itself of everything except vital tissue. How far your body will cleanse, will depend on the amount of time spent during the fast. Some people do shorter fasts, mixed in with breaks, then they extend the length, which is the advised way of easing into long-term fasting. This will help you adapt to the changes physically and give you an idea of what to expect with longer fasting. It'll also help prepare you mentally and emotionally, because fasting goes beyond just physical.
- Many people have misconceptions of what a water fast does to the body. You will not suffer a deficiency of protein, vitamins, minerals or fatty acids, even with a fast as long as 40 days.
- Starvation occurs only when the body is forced to use vital tissue to survive. This will hardly be the case if you have body fat and excess surrounding tissue.
- Water fasting sounds attractive, but it is very difficult, especially if you have a fast metabolism. The difficulty with water fasts, is that it very rapidly flushes away toxins, causing a healing crisis. The body will react to such aggressive cleansing. This is why it's best to be advised to ease into it. If you have never experienced this type of healing, it will be a very different and not a welcomed experience. Firstly, there's the stress of what the fast does both mentally and physically. Secondly, if the body has an acquaintance with fasting, it'll yield better results with each fast. It will allow you to go longer, going deeper, cleansing your body on new levels.
- It will be best if you associate yourself with a raw food diet or juicing/juice fasting before your water fast, or as part of easing into longer fasting. If you've been eating years of junk foods, taking antibiotics, caffeine, and other bad things for your body, you'll have the worse sickness(headaches, nausea). You will also need to stay close to the bathroom, as you may go multiple times per day. Water fasting will clean you out. You may experience diarrhea. This is why easing into long-term fasts can't be stressed enough. It's not necessary to go from a bad lifestyle to an extended water fast, when there are very beneficial, healthful ways to do it. You can start with raw or steamed vegetables and raw fruit. You can do a daily green juice fast, followed by a day of raw veggies(or salads and/or herbs) and fruit, then try a water fast the next day. You can try various cycles, and they'll help a great deal in cleaning up your body gently. You don't need to go so hard. There's no reason to feel that miserable, when you have a better way. Taking it slowly in the beginning by allowing your body to come off of sugar, caffeine, etc., will still allow you to cleanse, lose weight, feel energetic, etc.
- Be aware that water fasts can cause dizziness and blackouts. You will really be pushing your body, and water fasting goes at it the hardest. You may even feel dizziness while laying down, so be aware, this is not only upon standing. When you need to standup, it is wise to sit at the edge of the bed for awhile. Give yourself time to breath and get your heart pumping at a safe beat. If you are feeling dizzy or as though you may pass out, you'll need assistance. Have someone close to you on call. Tell them ahead of time what you're doing, and ask for their help. You can be in a very dangerous state, if you fall.
- It's a good time to reduce stress and find peacefulness and quiet within and in your surroundings. Practice yoga and meditation, while fasting, because it strengthens the mind. It's extremely important for you to remain strong if you're intending on completing the fast. You may have moments of weakness or frustrations, and end up having a fast that leaves you feeling less than what you thought. By practicing yoga and meditation, you will feel rejuvenated and recharged. This will make it much easier for you to achieve the desired goal.
How much weight can you lose?
By water fasting, it's possible for you to drop big numbers on the scale. More than three pounds a day perhaps. This will be different for everyone. For anyone who has the fortitude to make it through a long-term fast, you could become rail thin. You should not attempt this without medical supervision. There have been reports of people with life threatening illnesses, fasting down to appearing as a skeleton, but rebuilding up their body, returning it to health. So, there is evidence of water fasting getting people down in pounds, as well as healthy. This is not like other diets, where you need to rely on calorie burn and exercise. Many people diet endlessly, but can not achieve the possibilities of water fasting.
How to come off a water fast.
You must break your fast in a smart way. You must prepare and know exactly what you're going to do before its end. This is as crucial as dealing with detox symptoms and knowing what to expect. You should never rush to eat a lot or heavy foods. If you try to end your fast by eating whatever you want or going out to dinner to "celebrate your accomplishment," it can burden the body and affect the rebuilding process. You want to go about breaking your fast in a gentle way. Some people like to break their fast with a few grapes. The idea is to keep your foods raw and introduce them gradually. You should start with raw fruit and small amounts of green juice. Just as you've eased into your fast, you don't want to overwhelm your body, so give it a week and build up towards eating regular portions of raw foods and juices.
You will notice many changes as your fast completes. Your desires for certain foods will go away and change. You won't be reliant on the junk anymore, nor will you crave it. You'll want to adopt a raw based diet as well. A long enough fast seems to reprogram us in many ways. It's an opportunity to regain health and control over your bad habits. You'll have more energy, be in a better mood, your skin will be healthier and glowing, and you will feel younger. You will be a changed and vibrant you, and a slimmer and healthier you.

* Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to advise you or medical advice. Consult with your physician before attempting a water fast or any diet or exercise program, especially if you have any health problems.



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