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2014 Diet Plan: 3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Three Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

If you are looking for a simple healthy eating diet plan, then this three day plan is ideal. It can easily be incorporated into your week, if you wish to make it a regular event, or you can adopt it for long weekends to help maintain a healthy weight.

Day One

  • Breakfast: 40g muesli with 125ml semi-skimmed milk, topped with seven strawberries.
  • Snack: Three apricots.
  • Lunch: Tuna and cucumber sandwich, 80g raw carrot.
  • Snack: 150g yoghurt.
  • Dinner:  250g Low Carb Chilli con carne and rice with 70g peas. Mango chunks.

Day Two:

  • Breakfast: 40g muesli with 125ml semi-skimmed milk, topped with a small banana.
  • Snack: Two plums.
  • Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans but no butter. 100g seedless grapes.
  • Snack: One large orange.
  • Dinner: 100g grilled salmon, with 225g of green salad. One apple.

Day Three:

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, one slice of wholemeal toast, 200ml of unsweetened fresh orange juice.
  • Snack: 50g reduced fat houmous with carrot and celery sticks.
  • Lunch: 235g Sushi. 100g seedless grapes.
  • Snack: 23g blueberry and yoghurt nougat bar.
  • Dinner: 120g grilled pork chop, 120g boiled new potatoes, 110g steamed broccoli. 160g of fresh pineapple.
This short diet limits calories while still providing adequate slow release energy, nutrients and plenty of fiber. The oats in muesli are low GI and release their energy slowly which means you digest the food slowly and this helps to control blood sugar levels, which in turn controls insulin and reduces fat uptake.

The fruits and raw vegetables provide vitamins and also fiber to help you feel full for longer. The main meal is eaten at dinner time (evening) although this is still a low calorie portion.
If some of the foods do not appeal to you try to find suitable alternatives, for example, you could replace the sushi with chicken satay, or the pork chop could be replaced with a lean steak or chicken.
The most important thing is to use the portions and pattern of eating (meals with healthy snacks in between) as a guideline to ensure that you follow a simple but healthy diet plan. For better results you could combine this type of diet plan with a 16:8 diet or a 5:2 intermittent fasting.
If you are determined to lose weight quickly you could just follow a diet plan like this for several weeks, repeating it every 3 days. Although you may start to get bored with the food choices you will at least become more efficient at obtaining and preparing the meals and snacks, which means you are more likely to follow the plan. The best diet plans are often the easiest ones to follow.



  1. Interesting diet plan although do not think it is wise to jump in and out of a diet and expect to have great results. If you want to live healthy then you have to eat healthy and that means constantly not just one or two days a week and then jump to fast food.

    1. If you dedicate yourself over the next 21-days and follow The 3 Week Diet as outlined, you will be walking around with 12 to 23 pounds of body fat gone from your waist, hips, thighs, belly and butt. Your clothes will be looser, you’ll look healthier and more attractive…and you’ll have more energy than you’ve ever had in a long, long time.

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  2. This sounds like it might help some. But I agree with Nicolas, you have to stay on a diet in order for it to help. You can't go back and forth from dieting to not dieting.

  3. This would be great if you can afford fresh pineapple (I can't) and fresh plums, apricots, strawberries and mangoes out of season! I guess I'd have to try this during the summer when all of those items would be readily available and considerably cheaper...

  4. Thankfully I have no need to diet but I do have friends who diet and will share this with them.

  5. I don't see how just doing something for 3 days is going to do much good. To lose weight you have to be consistent in your eating and this diet doesn't do that.

  6. This might help take some of the Holiday weight off.

  7. Looks like a great plan, but only for three days? It should be extended; a proper diet needs time, after all.

  8. I think this is a well-balanced combination. You can repeat the three days again and again or even make slight changes to have some variety.

  9. I don't need a diet at this time but will remember this for future reference.

  10. This seems to be a good diet plan. You get to eat healthy food and, at the same time, you can eat enough as to not feel hungry.

  11. This sounds like a good diet and easy to follow.

  12. It is very nice post. I hope you will write about weight loss again soon!

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