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Sugar The True #1 Cause of Weight Gain

Very few researchers have discovered the true cause of weight loss. Did  you know that every low-calorie diet ever created contains sugar?

Sugar is the true cause of weight gain, not calories. By realizing this you will be able to shed as much as 11-14 pounds in a two week duration.

Eliminating sugar targets the release of belly fat.

What if I told you that almost everything you have been told about weight gain is wrong?

In every grocery store label you will find foods that are packed with sugar.
Belly fat is not lost by controlling calories. It is lost by completely eliminating sugar from your diet.

Insulin is the regulator of blood sugar. This hormone drives cells to burn carbohydrates instead of fat.
When this hormone is imbalanced it stimulates the production of more fat.
Insulin is not someting that only diabetics need to control, it is a hormone in all of us that needs to be

Most people that are newly overweight get defensive, " I am not a diabetic!"

If you have belly fat, your insulin hormone is causing you to produce it because of your intake of carbohydrates that produce fat. That is a fact.

The Atkins diet singled out carbohydrates but recommended the intake of fat and various sugars that are alcohol based ( xylitol). The diet only created a process called ketosis where your body was set into motion to drain the water weight. The fat remained. That tough belly fat and arm flab.
Most people that have gone on Atkins went insane for a bagel or a piece of bread, because the diet was not condusive to kicking your addiction to starches which are full of sugar.

Most other diets allow breads and pastas because they tell you to exercise it off. They are doing people a great dis-service. It takes 3 days to burn off one portion of rice, pasta or bread according to most endocrinolgy research ( Dr. Schwarzbein). So you are kept on this perpetual hamster treadmill and you again are losing water weight, not burning fat.

Without lowering your insulin hormone levels, it is impossible to burn fat. In order to see true fat burn you must completely eliminate sugar from your diet. All sugar! No splenda, NutraSweet, Saccharin. Fructose. These are all sugar. Google these. They are described as " low-calorie" sweeteners. Again, as I stated above, the secret to losing weight is not reducing calories, it is eliminating sugar.

In the following days we will be discussing satisfying strategies to feeling full, satisfied, and launching your true fat burn. Stay Tuned.

Detox Weight Loss Lose 5 pounds of Water Weight in 7 Days. Make This Drink At Home

Dandelion Root Tea can be found at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe or Bought very inexpensively online at

Steep the dandelion tea to your taste, some people are bothered by the taste of it, so they substitute For Yogi Detox Tea or Another Safe Brand of Detox Tea

Your lemon juice should ideally be fresh squeezed. You can peel a juicy large lemon, pulverize in a blender and strain for the juice or get Organic Bottled Lemon Juice. Lemon juice alkalizes the blood stream and cleanses the impurities.

The cranberry juice should be unsweetened," Knudsens" and "Whole Foods" are two label brands. 
 Unsweetened Cranberry Juice can be found in the organic aisle of most grocery stores carry an unsweetened juice. If It is hard to Find, you can also buy the organic cranberry juice concentrate and mix the juice separately before putting 2 Tablespoons. The reason why we add cranberry juice is because you will be pulling off a great deal of water by urinating. Cranberry juice provides the necessary enzyme balance to balance the bladder and is a good preventative for urinary tract infections.

Try to drink at least 60- 64 oz. of this mixture every day. If you are very active, or are trying to lose weight, try to drink even more than that amount. If the effects of the detox are too strong for you to handle, dilute your mixture with more water.

If you think the taste is too strong or unpleasant of dandelion tea, you can dilute the mixture to your taste or use a different brand of detox tea. If you are unable to tolerate any of the detox teas then you can use green tea as a final alternative.

This beverage is a diuretic and when you drink this expect for the water pull to dehydrate you so keep up with your normal water intake . You do not have to starve yourself. You can eat when you do this detox.

 Eat as if you are dieting. Eat more vegetables and protein sourced from beans, meat, poultry or seafood. Refrain from or reduce portions of breads and pasta. If you must eat them, then let bread/flour sourced carbs your smallest portion and eat them earlier in the day to allow enough time to burn off.

To figure out how many calories you should eat per day to lose weight.
Multiply your ideal weight X 11.
So if you want to be 130 pounds X 11 =  1430 calories per day
or divided by 3 meals is an average of  477 calories a meal

If you are over 200 pounds you dont want to zero in on your ideal weight because you do not want to yo-yo with a fast weight drop and quickly regain weight back. So calculate your calories based on losing weight in 30 pound increments.
200-30 = 170 pounds
= 1870 calories
this bulk of calories should be more vegetable based and meat portions should only be the size of the palm of your hand, in order for you to eat well, feel full and still lose weight.

You are drinking 60 ounces per day.
You will need to run to the bathroom due to the pulling off of water weight.

This drink is best used to pull of water weight gain related to before or after your menstrual cycle.
Men have also used this tea with good success for water weight loss.

This is best used only 7 days.
You can make a detox diet routine of pulling off water weight once a month.

Ideally you should lose 5 pounds, however, depending upon how much water weight you are carrying you could pull off more. If you are pulling off too much water and you feel weak or dehydrated, drink Smart Water to replenish your electrolytes. 

Please consult with your doctor for any health related questions. If you have high blood pressure this will pull off sodium and your blood pressure may decrease so take your blood pressure min 2 times per day or if you feel dizzy or weak. Diabetics also check your blood sugar because this will cause a drop in blood sugar. You may want  to dilute the tea for a slower but more stable effect.

If you experience any extreme discomfort with the tea that is unbearable,
 switch detox tea brands or use green tea instead.

If you have never detoxed before, try to schedule this during a week where you will be
closer to home or a restroom.
If you are not sure how you will feel, test the tea over a weekend to see
if you can tolerate doing a detox.
Typically people report the first two days being the hardest and feeling great energy by day 3 or 4.

I'm on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

Ditch the Juice

Have an apple instead. A glass of apple juice has the calories of almost three apples. Studies also show that regular fruit juice intake may increase diabetes risk by 50% due to massive sugar hits. The fiber -- which is what helps you fill up faster -- is left out of the juice. By making this one swap you'll save calories every day."

Eating Parsley

Parsley is said to stimulate the appetite and to be good for rheumatism.

Eating Ginger

Ginger is widely used to alleviate morning sickness. It is known to reduce nausea due to pregnancy but it is less certain that ginger can treat vomiting. Ginger is also used to stimulate the appetite and reduce abdominal cramps. Topically, it may relieve pain and swelling.

Tumeric For Digestion

Turmeric is the bright amber-colored spice that gives curry powder its characteristic yellow hue, and is commonly used in traditional Indian medicine to stimulate the appetite and as a digestive aid.

Eating Mustard Increases Appetite

Adding mustard to your food increases the flow of saliva and digestive juices -- natural ways to stimulate appetite when you've been under the weather and aren't eating as well as you should.

Chia Seeds The Fat Flusher

Chia seeds are now more commonly found in health food stores. Soaked in water they make a tasty treat like eating tapioca. They are great fat flusher and are easy to add to a variety of dishes. Consume 2 to 3 tbsp. daily. Sprinkle them on your veggies or add them to dressings, mixed drinks, stews and soups. I personally just drink them in my pomegranite or cherry juice with a squeeze of lime. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds also are high in fiber rich in calcium, iron, and molybednum. Read more:

Sensa Truth in Labeling

The main ingredient in Sensa is bugs. Yep thats right bugs. Carmine is red in color and is made, according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), from 70,000 female cochineal insects being killed to make a single pound of dye. Although it is listed as a non-toxic item, it can give allergic reactions.

Buy What You Need

Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a slim shopper. Buy one fresh bakery cookie instead of a box, or a small portion of candy from the bulk bins instead of a whole bag. You can enjoy your favorite foods, but you must do so in moderation.

When To Exercise

Exercise before a meal will raise your blood sugar levels. It is better to wait 60 mins after a meal to exercise to better raise the heart and metabolism rate so they food you ate is used by the system instead of just sitting there.

When to Go

You should have a bowel movement within 4-6 hours of eating, if not, then you did not get a proper daily intake of fiber. Most weight gain is due to 2+ pounds of fecal matter in the colon. The best fiber for weight loss is Inulin powder or Glucomann Powder ( Konjac Root). See the courtesy link for example. Inulin Powder

Have A Big Lunch

Make Lunch your largest meal of the day. You will have the rest of the day to burn off calories.

Your Beverage Counts

Watch your calories in what you drink. Some drinks can be the caloric equivalent of an entire meal. Specialty coffees and alcoholic drinks are often more than 500 calories. Even the calories in juice and soft drink can be added quickly to the waist line. The worst is that the calories in liquids are not limiting hunger. We will not eat less after we get many calories with a drink.

Truth about Diet Food Labels

Did you know ? foods that are labeled Low Sugar/ Low Sodium are high in fat. If they are labeled Low Fat, they are high in sugar.

Simple Fat Flush

A glass of water with lemon - drink in between meals- to flush fat. Do not drink during a meal or you will get acid upset .

Dine With A Mirror

Hang a mirror opposite your seat at the table. One study found that eating in front of mirrors slashed the amount people ate by nearly one-third. Seems having to look yourself in the eye reflects back some of your own inner standards and goals, and reminds you of why you’re trying to lose weight in the first place.

Cheerios Diet Myth

Cheerios does not lower cholesterol. The fact that you subtituted fried food or sugar in the morning is what lowered it. You can open up your breakfast choices to incorporate more and liberate yourself from the cereal bowl.

Watch Your Soup Intake

If you are having soup. Make sure it contains 600mg of sodium or less. Soup containing more will gather water weight and pack on the pounds.

Hold the Juice !

Regular fruit juice intake may increase diabetes risk by 50% due to massive sugar hits. "Also, the fiber -- which is what helps you fill up faster -- is left out of the juice. By making this one swap you'll save calories every day."

Eat Breakfast !

Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism -- especially since we don't eat for around ten hours overnight,Keep your carbohydrate intake light at breakfast if you're trying to lose weight; think one slice of wholegrain toast instead of two, and include beans or spinach rather than the empty calories of white bread, jam and butter.