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Quick Weightloss Tips from Celebrities

#15 Beyonce

The singer believes that abstinence from junk food makes the waistline grow thinnner:

"'I eat a lot of green vegetables. I don't eat red meat or bread, and I don't drink alcohol."

By switching to a healthier eating plan, Beyonce gets the nutrition and energy she needs to stay fit for music tours. 

#14 Jennifer Garner

If carbs are the love of your life, you'll never really let go. Still, you're not alone. Jennifer Garner's diet trick is to satisfy her craving with healthy carbs:

"I can't not have carbs. If I'm going to have potatoes, I'll have sweet potatoes and I won't fry them."

It takes 7 weeks for tastebuds to change. Swap fries for grilled sweet potatoes or other, healthier carbs for that long and you'll never look back.

#13 Mariska Hargitay

Sometimes its all about the snacks. Mariska Hargitay diets her way to a healthier bod by trading junk for healthier options:

"No more chocolate, and I'm finally off the Pringles. Now, I love tropical fruit. My favorites are mango, kiwi, and papaya. They remind me of Hawaii. Fruit in the morning makes me feel light."

A simple snack swap could cut hundreds of calories off of your diet. Give it a week and you'll start to see the pounds come off.

#12 Elizabeth Hurley

Sometimes you have to drop pounds for a movie role in short order.

When the time comes, Elizabeth Hurley turns to the Watercress Soup Diet. She credits the soup-only diet with helping her lose 10 pounds in 7days.

The Watercress Soup Diet may be effective, but inadvisable as a long-term strategy. Living on soup can lead to nutrient deficiency, fatigue and a significant weight rebound once you start eating sensibly again.

#11 Tina Fey

The funny woman's diet tip is to leave it to the pros:

"When I was 29, I lost about 35 pounds. I did it through Weight Watchers. That's when I learned how to eat properly for the first time. Before, I used to be one of those people who wouldn't eat all day, then would eat a piece of cake at 4 p.m., have McDonald's at 10 p.m., and then go to bed."

A little investment now could permanently change your eating habits. And who doesn't want to put a stop to yo-yo dieting?

#10 Angelina Jolie

The action movie star has a special trick to slim down for upcoming roles:

"I eat steamed sea bass or steamed beef and vegetables, and I have no sugar, and only drink soy milk."

It's pretty bland, but the lack of flavor ensures that you only eat when you're hungry.

#9 J-Lo

The latina legend says her biggest secret is simple: moderation.

Jennifer Lopez says she eats what she wants but in diet-friendly portions:

"I'm not obsessive about my diet, but the one thing I don't do is overeat. I can limit the chocolate chip cookies to one or two."

While moderation sounds overly simple, its a great way to monitor your waistline while still enjoying the foods you love.

#8 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's diet secret is viewing food as preventative medicine:

"High blood pressure and cholesterol run in my family. From a young age, I knew that most people with problems that go along with these conditions can be fixed through diet and exercise. I altered my diet by eating lean protein, like chicken or fish, and lots of fruits and veggies. During the day I'll have some dried fruit, or a chocolate or strawberry frozen yogurt, but I try to steer clear of desserts and bread."

Sticking to healthy, nutritious option makes it hard to go wrong.

#7 Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine's quick weightloss after the birth of her baby had the rumor mill atwitter. But Catherine Zeta-Jones' diet plan was simple.

She modified the popular Atkins diet by banishing carbs after 5pm and drinking skim milk.

Adding your own personal modifications to a diet plan may provide better results and a great likelihood that you'll stick to it.

#6 Brooke Burke

Brooke keeps her body bikini ready by upping her water intake.

It sounds laughably simple, but there's science behind it. A 2010 Virginia Tech study found that participants who drank two cups of water before each meal lost roughly 5 pounds more on average than those who didn't.

#5 Heidi Klum

How does the supermodel celebrity keep thin after three kids?

By outlawing bread. Sticking to friendlier carbs and whole foods helps Heidi look remarkably thin and healthy.

Toss the loaf and focus on veggies, fruit, grains and proteins if you aspire to Heidi's physique.

#4 Kelly Osbourne

Remember Ms. Osbourne's dramatic weightloss. Kelly attributes it to a carb-free diet with a special trick: pickles.

"When you're on a diet and you can't have carbs, what you crave is the texture of bread or the crispiness of a potato chip. What really helps with that is pickles. It stopped me from eating more!"

The next time you're struggling to adjust to diet restrictions, try to find a low-calorie substitute food that satisfies your yen without putting you off course.

#3 Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer keeps her body in supermodel condition by starting each day with a fruit cleanse.

Says Schiffer, "I eat lots of fruit for breakfast because it's cleansing and quickly digested by the body."

Front loading the first part of your day with fresh fruit is a great way to cut down on calories. Follow with a veggie-heavy lunch and protein rich dinner to balance out the day.

#2 Denise Richards

How do you pull off looking better in a bikini at 40 than you did at 20?

Denise combines exercise with an "80 percent vegetarian diet" dolled out in several small meals a day.

Eating every few hours is a great way to keep your metabolism running at top speed.

I do splurge on ice cream and I love pretzels. My abs get the best workout with my Pilates reformer -- I had two C-sections and it was the only thing I found that got my tummy flat.

#1 Cynthia McFadden

Cynthia McFadden is living proof that sacrifice pays off. The news anchor lost 35 pounds simply by depriving herself of the foods she loved:

"I stopped eating everything that I like. My idea of the perfect meal is pasta with a baked potato and some bread. But instead, I ate a lot of fish and veggies and lost 35 pounds."

Depriving yourself of the foods you crave sounds tough. However, it can help rewire your mind to think about food as fuel, not as a pound-gathering treat.



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