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Top TV doctors share quick weight-loss secrets

Two of TVs top doctors talked to Channel 4's sister station in Houston, KPRC, about simple changes you can make to drop those extra pounds fast and safely.
TV host and best-selling author Dr. Ian Smith said "crash diet" is not necessarily a dirty phrase.
"It's not the weight loss that's unhealthy. It's the methods that people are using that are unhealthy," said Smith.
Super Shred is for "destination dieters." You've got a big event coming up like a wedding or reunion.
Testers lost about 20 pounds in four weeks.
"Sometimes you can have pizza, lasagna, sometimes you're going to have salads or fish or chicken," Smith said. "It’s across the spectrum, but it's about portion control."
Smith leads you week by week with meals and snacks, mostly plant-based, high in fiber, low in calories designed to kick start dramatic weight loss.
"The reason why that works is it keeps your body off kilter and if your body is off kilter, it tends to burn more calories because of an increased metabolism," Smith said.
And you don't need to slave away at the gym.
"Twenty-seven minutes actually of a high-intensity interval training program can burn as many calories as somebody walking on a treadmill for an hour," Smith said.
It's not a long-term diet, but can accomplish short-term weight loss goals quickly and safely.
Dr. Oz had similar results with his Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet which helped women in his audience shed about 10 pounds a week in two weeks.

He lists some surprising no-nos like no wheat except a half cup of brown rice.
"How many people have sat at a pre-dinner feast with bread and butter and you don't know why you're eating so much of it, but you can't stop once you start and for weight loss especially for this two week plan, it's a big issue," said Oz.
His other eyebrow raising don't: No caffeine except for green tea. He says those coffee drinks are killers.
"It turns out to catastrophic if you're losing weight because you add cream and sugar to it so it becomes a milkshake and it's a trigger food. It gets you to eat foods that you normally wouldn't want to that go along with it like doughnuts and bagels," Oz said.
Also on his don't list: Sugar even artificial sweeteners.
"I want the sweet stuff gone just for two weeks," said Oz. "I want you to replace it with colorful vegetables; even some fruits would be OK, as long as they're not too sweet."
Oz also recommends no meals between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. All these adjustments should be looked at as a lifestyle change, rather than a diet.



  1. A good weight loss secret is not to use diets. Eat in moderation and eat healthy foods and you'll be fine.

  2. Sounds like a workable plan...

  3. I completely agree that the problem isn't weight loss, but the method one uses in order to lose weight. A healthy approach to weight loss may ensure a healthier, long-term result.

  4. Even if you are not needing to lose weight the diet looks good for overall health.

  5. I certainly would not want to walk around with my body off kilter. Sounds bad.

  6. Both plans look reasonable to me! Not only are you losing weight but you are getting healthier at the same time.

  7. Dr. Oz is known for his good health so I'm sure his diet is good for the body.

  8. I can see it clearly, sugars and wheat are the two biggest fat makers.

  9. Looks like a good diet to burn calories fast.